How should I apply fragrance?

When using an eau de cologne, eau de toilette, or eau de parfum, spray or dab liberally on the skin. These versions of fragrance are designed to be used all over. Spray in the air and walk into a cloud of scent for an even, head to toe experience!

Perfume, the most concentrated version of scent, is designed to be applied at the pulse points, on the wrists, behind the neck, in the décolleté, behind the ears, or even behind the knees. Your body warmth will radiate your delightful perfume.

Fragrances are more intense when it is warm. Therefore, in summertime you should either use less perfume or use the lighter fragrance.

How should I care for my fine fragrances?

Fragrance is made to be used and enjoyed - use it or lose it! For maximum shelf life, store fragrance away from bright sunlight, in a cool, dark area, with the cap tightly secured. Fragrance oils can turn rancid or evaporate if stored improperly.

How do I make fragrance last on my skin?

It is difficult for dry skin to retain fragrance. Try "layering" fragrance by using several products in a line. For example, begin with scented soap or bath oil, follow with body lotion or crème, dust with powder to set the fragrance, and follow with perfume at the pulse points, or an all-over sprits of eau de perfume.

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